Welcome to the status page. If there are interruptions to service, we will post a report here, and on our Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

Past incidents

  1. Apr, 2021

    1. Database connectivity issuePing APINotification SenderDashboard


      Primary database server experienced a connectivity issue for about 2 minutes, starting 11:27 UTC.
      Currently back to normal and monitoring.


      After reporting the issue, got a reply from the hosting provider: “A faulty optic caused the packet loss. It was necessary to replace it. The packet loss is gone now.”

  2. Mar, 2021

    1. Maintenance: Database MaintenanceDashboardPing APINotification Sender
      Duration: -
      We will be performing a database maintenance on March 23, 3PM UTC. Expecting about a minute of downtime. During the downtime, pings will be queued and replayed later. API calls and web UI will not work.
  3. Feb, 2021

    1. Started:

      Twilio is currently experiencing issues. SMS and WhatsApp notifications are currently either delayed or not being delivered.

      More details at


      Our SMS provider, Twilio, is in the process of recovery. SMS and WhatsApp notification delivery is working again.


      This incident has been resolved.