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Welcome to the status page. If there are interruptions to service, we will post a report here, and on our Mastodon account. 

Past incidents

Mar, 2024
Feb, 2024
Jan, 2024
  1. Mar, 2024

    1. Webhook delivery failuresNotification Sender
      Duration: was not delivering webhook notifications for about 10 minutes starting from 07:45 UTC. The issue was caused by a bad deploy, and has now been fixed.


      The issue is resolved.
  2. Feb, 2024

    1. Started:
      Starting from February 5, 20:40 UTC, was not delivering Signal notifications. The notification delivery is working now, but we are still digging into the cause of the issue.


      Starting from yesterday, Signal server was rejecting messages sent by signal-cli 0.12.7. The fix is to upgrade to signal-cli 0.12.8.

      More details: is running signal-cli 0.12.8 now.
  3. Jan, 2024

    1. Network issuesPing APIDashboard
      Duration: load balancer servers were experiencing network connectivity issues from 10:50 UTC until 11:25 UTC. Some ping requests were rejected – the clients would have seen "connection timed out" errors. We are investigating the cause.


      The issue is resolved.